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Damp Work

Low-maintenance damp works to guard your home.

Damp works is done as a protection against moisture to ensure the safety of buildings. The entry of water in the different components of a building such as walls, roofs, parapets, etc. can be avoided by the prevention through the materials and the different techniques implemented by us. The different materials like bitumen sheets, plastic sheets, the molten asphalt, brick, stone, and cement concrete are used for this purpose. The methods such as cavity wall construction, guniting etc. are also adopted to do damp works.

Damp is generally classified into three categories; rising damp, penetrating damp and condensation. Each type is caused by different issues and each will require a different method of treatment.

Rising Damp - occurs at a height generally not more than 1 meter above the ground. It is evident from the mark tides displayed on a wall, bubbling and crumbling plaster, the outer brick spoiled or surrender.

Penetrating moisture - caused by under construction defects that allow water to enter a building through gutter leaking, faulty plumbing and even due to environmental conditions, such as prolonged periods of heavy rain and strong wind.

Condensation - occurs anywhere on a property and at any height where there is poor ventilation, less air flow and high humidity.

Addressing signs of moisture

Do not deal with the signs of humidity which can have far-reaching consequences for a property such as brick, plaster and wood that surrounds will increasingly be saturated. Wet spots begin to appear, the plaster begins to bubble and crumble and brand tide and mold can be obvious. Adjacent beams are at an increasing risk to the wood boring beetle attack and the dry and wet rot. The result can cause significant damage and weakening of the wood and the general fabric of the property that will become increasingly expensive and difficult to repair.

Understanding how to treat wet to ensure the long term protection requires a high level of expertise and experience, which Complete Roofing Repairs LTD can help with.

Absolute diagnosis is the key

At the heart of our company philosophy is to provide our customers with honest and professional advice. We recognize the importance of a comprehensive assessment to identify the cause of the problem before deciding if treatment is necessary.

An investigation will involve the use of specialized reading for walls, beams, equipment and environment to build a profile of humidity and moisture in the area. Our inspectors look for the cause of moisture entry points and the evaluation of general site conditions, such as internal and external basic levels, condition and location of the building, the type Materials and underlying construction problems, as a result of moisture.

Once you understand the cause and type of problem, the right solutions that vary in their complexity can be recommended as appropriate to the problem of ensuring the long-term protection to property.

Effective solutions

A range of protective solutions against moisture has the maximum efficiency with minimal levels of risk and disruption to our customers, property and the environment. The products we use are approved by the industry, all our work projects are managed and implemented by our local teams of highly skilled and experienced technicians.

Our range of solutions to moisture problems include:

  • Chemical injection course moisture proof
  • The removal of contaminated plaster
  • Specialist in plaster specifications
  • Made moisture-proof
  • Application of the profiled vapor barrier
  • Protection application Masonry (Stormdry)
  • Install the condensation control units (Vericure)
  • Property repair defects of recommendations

We also provide a system design and basement waterproofing system, drainage systems, including the cavity and the drainage and pumping systems.

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